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We transform ideas into an online presence. 

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Are you still carrying the boring business card?

Here is a quick way to get your ideology in the minds of people in a most alluring way

Our cosmo card is a brilliant digital business card that carries your entire profile in it.

Cosmo card

a luxury in style

Ecofriendly Cosmo Cards- create a trend, carry with style

Design your own cosmo card as quick as a flash- it's a luxury in style. Stay ahead, be a pioneer and let the world access your profile with a tap of a card. This Cosmo card is your home, your digital presence that is for sure to leave an impeccable mark in any clients minds.

Update it or change it, it's a convenient and easily operated business card that saves a lot of paper that is generally wasted on outdated paper cards. Think responsibly, stay eco-friendly and stay ahead forever.

Cosmo card

a luxury in style


Have an idea?

Put it on a paper? Naah…..

Design it with us

Save it on your device

switch to

Cosmo card

a luxury in style

Make it Work

Eco friendly

Paper business cards are outdated, why waste paper when you can stay smart, stay responsible and design a digital card that stays with you for long. It's small but carries your entire profile. Think ahead, just print one single card and stay connected to nature.

User friendly

Just a tap or scan, that's it, as simple as that. You can now share your profile digitally in many ways by using a single Cosmo card.

Cost Benefits

Imagine if you can have one card, just one card that never tears off, or runs out and never requires you to re-print a  business card again. You are sure to move in style, not just the cost benefits you gain.

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