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It all started in the mid of casual chit chat between two friends over phone, discussing about the difficulties of a company in hiring a marketing team to optimize its digital presence.


One of the many things we spoke about were marketing budgets specifically - how do startups struggle by hiring one marketing person and expect them to do 360 degree marketing activities and eventually see a slow success rate, what can be the real budget allocation method, should they signup with an agency for it.

The quest to find a budget friendly alternative for all marketing activities of a business is where our road truly began. Our journey has been all about bringing business and brands, a functional marketing service packages so that they can purchase based on their actual requirement. 


Image by Daniele Franchi



An interesting cool headed boss who always thinks about the metrics bucket list, traffic, targets, business development and so on.... technical. No building castle in the air, everything should be in reality  is her mantra. 



A person who easily falls in love with any business that awes her. After that, its all hers. Strategizing, Planning and Creation is what her all day agenda. She is a 360 degree marketer, bossy, avid book reader, at times a good cook.

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