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Harnessing the Power of Social Listening

 A Case Study on How the CEO of a Delivery Management Software Company Strategically Responded to Blinkit’s employee crisis. Discover how we utilized social listening to stay on industry trends in a rapidly evolving market.

The Problem

The CEO of the delivery software company faced challenges in establishing a personal brand and positioning himself as a thought leader. Due to his demanding schedule, he struggled to dedicate time to content creation and stay informed through social listening.


This hindered his ability to showcase expertise, engage with industry trends, and connect with relevant audiences. It became essential to find a solution that would address these constraints and enable him to enhance his professional presence effectively.

Our Solution

We, at Visibility Studio, understood the CEO's unique expectations, expertise, and interests, and we conducted comprehensive social listening on his behalf. During this process, we uncovered a significant industry event: the Blinkit employee crisis, where employees left the company to join rivals.


Promptly communicating this incident to our client, we collected his insights and opinions, which formed the basis of an impactful article that positioned him as a prominent voice in the industry. Our solution not only enhanced his personal brand but also solidified his reputation as a thought leader, attracting greater attention, respect, and opportunities within his field.

Screenshot 2023-06-19 143451_edited.jpg


  • The CEO's article showcased his expertise and gained attention and recognition within the industry.

  • By sharing his insights on a pressing industry issue, he established himself as a trusted thought leader.

  • The exposure attracted valuable connections and networking opportunities for the CEO.

  • The heightened visibility turned into potential business opportunities and growth for the CEO's delivery software company.


  • Increased Industry Visibility

  • Thought Leadership Positioning

  • Networking Opportunities

  • Business Growth

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